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Why the Swiss love ImpressPages CMS?

Nord Interaktive

Because of our "creative freedom"! Niko Gerig, the founder of Swiss web design and new media agency Nord Interaktive, tells us how he discovered ImpressPages CMS and what he likes about us the most.

Please introduce yourselves?

Nord Interaktive

Nord Interaktive is a creative agency situated in the east of Switzerland. Of course, we do work for our clients, but it would be more precise to say that we work together with our customers to find the best solution for them. And so every new project is an inspiration and a challenge that we face together with our clients. At the same time, every customer of ours is unique and unique is a solution that suits his needs best. 

Who are your main customers?

Nord Interaktive

Our customer field is very broad… from local small one-man business to large, mostly regional companies.

When and how did you discover ImpressPages CMS?

Nord Interaktive

That was in 2011 - after a long search for an ideal CMS, I became aware of ImpressPages CMS via a blog. Since then, we do the most of our work with ImpressPages CMS. 

What do you like the most about ImpressPages CMS?

Nord Interaktive

The design and creative freedom. Also, ImpressPages is made in a way that allows understanding backend very easily. For us, ImpressPages is so far the best CMS.

How would you suggest improving ImpressPages CMS?

Nord Interaktive

So far we are completely satisfied with ImpressPages CMS. But for sure, it would be great if there were German manuals for the end-user/client.

So what defines your websites?

Nord Interaktive

Each of our projects is individually fitted for the customer or his brand. We place a high value on a simple and clear design that is easy to understand and to use by the customer.


Thank you for your time!

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