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What we will offer you in the nearest future

Though we just launched our Theme Marketplace in closed beta and revealed making finishing touches to the Plugin Marketplace, there are many more great features and improvements we have on the foreseeable agenda. We see ImpressPages as an ecosystem where web designers, website users and theme/plugin creators meet and benefit from each other, so we‘re working on this vision in the following ways.

Earning by contributing

You may have heard and even tried our Theme Marketplace which makes using, buying and sharing ImpressPages CMS themes easier than ever. From now, you can submit paid themes in addition to the free ones, so contribution will finally be rewarded by monies, if you choose to.  We also introduced a flexible revenue sharing scheme at our Marketplace to allow you to choose how much should we get from your sales. Theme Marketplace will go public in the next few days and will mark an important milestone of our pursuit towards creating a future generation content management system.


More importantly though, we will go mobile and tablet friendly in November. While our themes already support mobile by default, soon you and your customers will be able to manage ImpressPages websites from handheld devices. We‘ll start rolling out first mobile administration features already in October and we expect to be fully mobile before spring.

Usability improvements and Plugin Marketplace

This winter will be dedicated to making ImpressPages even easier to use and in line with the latest technologies and trends. We'll be improving ImpressPages CMS usability in December by updating the design of administration interface, removing frame from back end and introducing single entry point. Also, we plan to fully support PHP 5.5 by the end of this year.

We‘re also working to improve theme contribution infrastructure this month. However, January will bring you a Plugin Marketplace. Plugins are a great way to extend ImpressPages CMS features, so once again we expect that a market with an option to submit paid plugins will boost innovation, creativity and, eventually, satisfaction of your customers. We‘ll also be working on plugin contribution infrastructure improvements so they are easier to create. Features such as MVC based administration area and templating, single entry point, module group removal and PSR compatible autoloader, to name a few, will make plugin creation a piece of cake for most of you.

SaaS time

Next spring will be cloudy as we plan to launch ImpressPages CMS as a Service.  We believe web design can be entirely carried out on the cloud. If steps such as downloading CMS, writing website code, searching for hosting provider or installing a website can be omitted, creating and managing websites would become even faster and accessible to much more users than now. ImpressPages as a Service for designers and web agencies planned to be launched in March or April.

We see ImpressPages as an ecosystem where web designers, website users and theme/plugin creators meet and benefit from each other. And so going into the cloud will bring us way closer to this vision. 

Technical updates

We have many smaller fixes and updates to come in the following months, so here‘s our to do list:

– Remove frame-set in administration panel

– MVC based administration area and templating

– Single entry point

– Remove audio, video, image dirs. File will be the only folder for user files

– Remove ip_config dir

– Migrate from mysql to mysqli and PDO

– Remove module groups. Keep all plugins in a single level.

– Configuration file instead of constants

– Collaborative translations

– PSR compatible autoloader and class naming

– No globals like: $site, $session, etc.

– Reduce amount of folders to the minimum

– Global light-box settings

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the future is indeed bright and impressive.