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Three new gorgeous themes at our Marketplace

Theme Marketplace

As our Theme Marketplace is gaining momentum, we would like to introduce three new beautiful themes you can download from it.


This stylish and contemporary theme looks perfect in corporate websites as it is sharp, yet clear, and a few colours that are used perfectly match. This theme is incredibly flexible and comes along with a responsive layout, image/video lightbox, a native touch-friendly slider, more than seven unique layouts and customizable parameters. Also, Meenimal is compatible with any browser, Chrome, FireFox, IE8+, Safari & Safari mobile, Opera – you name it! Why don’t you just give it a try?


Vinous is synonymous for a clean, minimalistic and fast website. Vinous theme looks stunning on all devices, whether it's a smartphone, tablet or a desktop computer. It features four different page layouts: homepage, left menu + content, full wide content and content + right menu. Vinous is compatible with the latest W3C standards (HTML5 and CSS3). Cheers and bottoms up!


This theme features round corners and beautiful unique fonts. It is wonderfully responsive and also has four different page layouts: Homepage, Full width, Left menu + Right content, as well as Left content + Right menu. Three plugins are also featured in this theme - an Image slideshow plugin, Testimonials slider plugin and a Social icon plugin. It definitely receives our badge our approval :)

We are sure you‘ll find something that suits the needs of your customers best in one of these themes. Also, a marketplace for plugins is coming next month!

Don’t forget you’re more than welcome to submit your themes to the Marketplace. We recently introduced a flexible revenue sharing scheme where you can decide how much we should earn and spend on improving ImpressPages CMS further. So far, a 20-30 per cent fee has been the most popular one, yet at ImpressPages, it’s finally you are the one who makes final decisions!

We almost forgot… Freshr theme just got cheaper. Same awesomeness, just lower price. Try it if you haven’t played with it yet!


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