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Releasing ImpressPages CMS 3.2

Be more productive with ImpressPages CMS 3.2.

New way to generate menus

We made menu generation even simpler.

Now all you need is just one line of code to generate fully functional menu. At the same time you get an infinite flexibility and have freedom to modify any part of it easier than ever before.

Read about new way to generate menu.

Browser cache control

When you make some changes in CSS or JS of your website, some browsers might still cache old version of a file for the very long time. ImpressPages 3.2 solves this problem by adding version number to each file. To increase that number, use "Clear cache" button in Administrator -> System tab. This will force all browsers to download new files.

New ImpressPages CMS API documentation

For those who go deep into the code here's a new easier to use ImpressPages CMS API documentation

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Browser cache control generates an error with the request for google map in JS (with theme Freshr).
To solve the problem:
In ip_cms / frontend site.php, replace the following method:

public function generateJavascript() {
$cacheVersion = \DbSystem::getSystemVariable('cache_version');
$javascriptFiles = $this->getJavascript();
foreach($javascriptFiles as &$level) {
foreach($level as &$file) {
if ($file['type'] == 'file') {
$file['value'] .= '?'.$cacheVersion;
if ($file['type'] == 'out') {
//$file['value'] .= '?'.$cacheVersion;//Do no thing
$revision = $this->getRevision();
$data = array (
'ipBaseUrl' => BASE_URL,
'ipLanguageUrl' => $this->generateUrl(),
'ipLibraryDir' => LIBRARY_DIR,
'ipThemeDir' => THEME_DIR,
'ipPluginDir' => PLUGIN_DIR,
'ipModuleDir' => MODULE_DIR,
'ipTheme' => THEME,
'ipManagementUrl' => $this->generateUrl(),
'ipZoneName' => $this->getCurrentZone()->getName(),
'ipPageId' => $this->getCurrentElement()->getId(),
'ipRevisionId' => $revision['revisionId'],
'javascript' => $javascriptFiles,
'javascriptVariables' => $this->getJavascriptVariables()
return \Ip\View::create(BASE_DIR.MODULE_DIR.'standard/configuration/view/javascript.php', $data)->render();

And add

public function addJavascriptOut($file, $stage = 1) {
$this->requiredJavascript[(int)$stage][$file] = array (
'type' => 'out',
'value' => $file

Finally in / ip_cms / modules / standard / setup / view / javascript.php to change line 22 with:

<?php if ($record['type'] == 'file' OR $record['type'] == 'out') { ?>
<script type="text/javascript" src="<?php echo $record['value'] ?>"></script>
<?php } ?>

Now appler your script made:
$site->addJavascriptOut('http://maps.google.com/maps/api/js?sensor=true', 0);