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Releasing ImpressPages CMS 2.6

A quick fix for automated update and widget dragging.

Sorry for the bug that we noticed too late (when releasing v2.5) and for all inconvenience you may experience.

The automated updated was a bit buggy. To fix it you should manually remove "file/tmp/update" folder and then click "Start update" for "Administrator -> System" tab.

IMPORTANT! file/tmp folder must be kept in place.

In addition, there was a bug for dragging already created widgets within the blocks. It's fixed, too.

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Comments (1)

Alan Stretton

Alan Stretton

Another easy up date, thanks again.

When I deleted the update folder in file/tmp/ it took a long time, there were obviously a lot of files to delete. I at one point I got a little worried that my whole website was been deleted !!

All was well however, everything is fine with the web site - so don't panic if you see FileZilla going full speed on the deletes !