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Releasing ImpressPages CMS 2.5

v2.5 is a bugfix release for ImpressPages CMS. For those who were doubting about v2.4 and new ways for inline management now it's a good time to make the move.

Automatic update

Good news for v2.4 users. All you need to do is go to "Administrator -> System" tab and click "Start update". Please be patient as download process can take some time. Give it at least a few minutes before you decide that something is wrong.

Quick fix

ImpressPages CMS 2.4 was a bit step forward to our vision of drag&drop and in-place editing simplicity.

Thanks to our active and overseeing community that quickly caught some bothering issues. With v2.5 release those issue were fixed and ImpressPages CMS became much more stable.

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Comments (2)

Jacobo Lopez

Jacobo Lopez

it says V 2.6 when trying to update and it would not update



Sorry for that. We just released the fix. And you need manually remove old folder. Please read here: http://www.impresspages.org/news/releasing-impresspages-cms-2-6/