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ImpressPages driving the success of a web design agency

Creative Partner

Creative Partner, an ambitious web and digital marketing agency, agreed to share their experience of using ImpressPages CMS on a regular basis with our fans. Creative Partner‘s CEO Darius Soparas reveals that the company uses ImpressPages CMS in more than 80% of cases and suggests some future improvements.

Please introduce yourselves?

Darius Soparas

We are Creative Partner. As our name suggests, we strive to prove ourselves creative one day at a time by finding unconventional approaches of grabbing one‘s attention online. We also strive to become our customers‘ partners that make decisions about communication together. Our areas of expertise include websites, internet portals and Facebook applications, while our customers extend from Australia to Saudi Arabia with their businesses being both locally and globally oriented.

How did you discover ImpressPages CMS?

Rather accidentally, to be honest. We had a vacancy for web developer more that a year ago, and one of the candidates showed us how fast he delivers beautiful websites using a CMS that we were unfamiliar with at that time. We really loved it, hence we learned the name of ImpressPages CMS. Soon, all our developers fell in love with ImpressPages CMS and we use it to this date. Obviously, we hired that guy :)

What do you like the most in ImpressPages CMS?

First and foremost – our customers find ImpressPages CMS easy to work with. Previously, it took around 3 hours to introduce our customers to a content management system once a website was completed. ImpressPages introduction takes not more than 30 minutes – our customers find it truly intuitive, they simply adore inline editing. As developers, we like ImpressPages CMS for its ease of writing modules and good performance even when handling large amounts of data.

How often do you choose ImpressPages CMS for your projects?

At least 80% of our websites are now implemented with ImpressPages CMS. We use other content management systems such as Wordpress for very specific tasks such as blogging systems, e-shops and payments,  calatog and module integrations. However, though gradually improving, WordPress remains mostly blogging-oriented, whereas ImpressPages CMS solves much more different issues in a very easy way.

Do customers care about CMS when ordering websites?

You normally don‘t buy a car without paying attention to its fuel consumption or maintenance costs – the same goes for websites. Yet our customers like ImpressPages CMS. The only concern we occasionally hear is ImpressPages CMS being open source. Some customers are doubtful about the security and support. On the other hand, around 20% of customers specifically ask for an open source CMS as they don't wish to depend on a commercial CMS provider. We think ImpressPages CMS should stress security and support in its marketing material.

Which ImpressPages CMS plugins and themes are you using?

We have written all our plugins and themes ourselves. We are a bit disappointed that our plugins will not be supported in ImpressPages CMS 4.0 as we spent many hours creating them. So far, we have made the following plugins:

·         News module with keywords;

·         Specialized catalogs;

·         Language module;

·         Gallery module;

·         Calendar module;

·         TV module;

·         Poll and contest module;

·         YouTube video widget;

·         Comparison module;

·         Google module with tagging.

Of course, we are considering sharing our modules with others and using some that have already been created!

What else do you wish to see in the future releases of ImpressPages CMS?

Full support and workshops for ImpressPages CMS users would be really great. Also, responsive designs could be improved further.

What defines your websites?

We make websites that sell. However, you can no longer sell by emphasizing just price or quality. That simply doesn’t work. Ideas and messages now sell. And so every website must create value by solving customers’ problems. This is the goal for every website we make.

Thank you for your time!

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Comments (3)



I congratulate. The good example of the success. It can it arrived time to open PluginsShop for ImpressPages CMS?! What do you think?



Šaunuolis Dariau ;) Beje apie ImpressPages pirmas tau užsiminiau aš per info032 mytą :D

Darius | Creative partner

Darius | Creative partner

Donatai, matomai dar buvau per daug žalias apie tai suprasti :D Primink ką dar papasakojai, darosi idomu ;)