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ImpressPages CMS 3.9 out now

ImpressPages CMS 3.9 has just been released. It comes along with a switch to PHP 5.5 and some other neat improvements.

PHP 5.5 is the axis of our latest release. ImpressPages CMS being compatible with the latest version of PHP will allow you to enjoy its benefits and to be in line with the latest technologies. Our keen contributor Chris Vigelius has once again carved some lines of code into the new version of ImpressPages CMS and significantly helped us with our transition to PHP 5.5.

Also, Chris made another tasty improvement by adding a function to get a theme asset. 

„Having to write " <?php echo BASE_URL.THEME_DIR.THEME; ?>/img/foo.jpg" everywhere in the theme is just ugly. Now you can write " <?php echo $this->getThemeAsset('img/foo.jpg');?>" instead, which I think looks much nicer“, says Chris. 

Thanks, Chris, yet another brilliant piece of your code merged into a new ImpressPages CMS release.

We also fixed admin translations export function in ImpressPages CMS 3.9. Page properties pop-up issue when a theme had only one layout has also been repaired.

In addition to that, ImpressPages CMS has a new, nicer way to change admin login screen. We also fixed login issues when website was in maintenance mode in our latest version.

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Comments (4)




I am using 3.8 - any point in upgrading ?

Second question, will IP 4.0 and subsequent 4 series releases be backward compatible with 3.8 ??




There is no need to update if you are not bothered with those issues addressed in 3.9 release.

4.x will be not compatible with 3.x

Themes will be easy to adopt. Plugins will require serious refactoring.



So, when can we expect 4.0 and all the major differences? Will the plugins be adopted/made for to 4.0 or users have to do it by themselves?



We have released a newsletter today stating main features in 4.0. http://impresspages.mailerlite.com/n6p3z4/6311237/y6w1/1524090999

We will likely have some new nicer plugins and some re-factored old ones. Expect 4.0 in two months.