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ImpressPages CMS 3.7 is mobile as never before

Today we‘re rolling out ImpressPages CMS 3.7. Among other neat improvements, ImpressPages now allows you to edit your websites from a mobile device!

Mobile support

Our themes have long been responsive by default, yet today we’re extending our mobile support way further with ImpressPages 3.7. From now, you can edit your websites from your mobile device. And, of course, your customers can as well! ImpressPages CMS 3.7 allows you to easily drag widgets, add new pictures and, obviously, edit your texts. Editing ImpressPages from mobile is now as simple as posting a Facebook status update – give it a try and experience what we’re talking about!

Nested widgets


We’re a community. And so our contributor “chrisv2” proves it with his piece of code that we added to ImpressPages CMS 3.7. Chris made nesting widgets possible by allowing ipBlock inside iPwidgets so now we have a multicolumn feature that everyone has long been asking for. If you see something that can be improved at ImpressPages, don’t be shy – we might include your piece of code to ImpressPages 4.1 :)

Redesigned module menu

Menu module

We module menu in administration panel by making it expandable so it is easier to navigate. Also, all menus can now be reached from a single icon on the right of the panel. Now there‘s much more space for the actual content you can edit. On top of that, we have finally removed frames from the administration panel, this translates into browsers' "back" buttons working properly when managing ImpressPages websites. 

Administration panel security improvements

We have improved the security of administration panel in collaboration with Zero Science Lab. None of the issues found are exploitable without administrator password. That means all websites are secure from outside hackers. But we take it seriously and think that sometimes even administrators have to be strictly limited. The following issues have been fixed:

- users with access to files repository had the possibility to delete core files. No longer they do;
- users with access to export/import modules and localization module could execute custom PHP code on server. That‘s no longer the case;
- MySQL injection in Menu Management module.

Shorter URLs

We fixed URLs so the zone part is now obsolete. Simply open the SEO tab and set chosen zone URL to be empty. This way all pages in a zone will be displayed without the zone part in the URL.

Fixed image cropping issues

Last but not least, we fixed cropping image issues on servers with limited memory. Also, some websites with inconsistent databases have had issues with image cropping. We fixed issues in ImpressPages 3.7 as well.

ImpressPages CMS 3.7 is more than ready for your hands on it!
Download ImpressPages CMS 3.7 here.

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