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ImpressPages at Web Summit and TechCrunch Disrupt

Last week was marked by two significant events for ImpressPages CMS – our team went both to Web Summit conference in Dublin and to TechCrunch Disrupt Europe in Berlin. Meeting old friends and making new ones is always everyone’s favorite, yet we also introduced ImpressPages to thousands of prospective users and gained some useful insights on the future of the web.

Web Summit

You might wonder what may have inspired us to visit both events almost simultaneously? Well, introducing ImpressPages to users, investors and the media, of course. We had our booths both in Dublin and Berlin that made this mission easier to accomplish.

However, meeting new people who have already been using ImpressPages CMS was the biggest piece of delight for us! Being recognized and approached by ImpressPages users whom we’ve previously never met or talked to is the best indicator that we’re already past our infancy. This inspires us to grow even bigger and better!

Web Summit

We also met quite a few of other tech companies at both events. As long as you are not fierce, direct competitors (we don't have these, do we?:), discussions with other IT businesses is always a great source of insights and inspiration, and so we brought plenty of this back. Keynotes were also great at both events. We’re digesting the information we received and hope to implement some of the ideas we heard – stay tuned!

Also, there’s a piece of advice we can give for companies going to events such as these in the future. Be ready for networking: know and agree in advance who you will be meeting. Make your booth perfect and inviting, too. And know your goals. Those are the keys to success at tech conferences.


What’s next then? We’re strongly considering going to the International PHP Conference in Berlin next spring. This is one of the main events for PHP community, so… see you there, maybe?:)

Web summit

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