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Case study: Website for a major telco with ImpressPages CMS


Our friends from Creative Partner, an ambitious web and digital marketing agency, told us how they used ImpressPages CMS to build a new website for Balticum, a major Lithuanian internet, TV and landline provider. Darius Soparas, CPartner's CEO, has the details.

So why the customer wanted to redesign his website?

Balticum is a large yet still fast growing telecommunications provider. Balticum's slogan is "True services, not just promises!". For these reasons, a complete redesign of Balticum's website was initiated to suit the needs of company's customers better, especially given a fast growth of IPTV. The old website was no longer in line with the latest user experience trends and, even more importantly, it didn't go together with Balticum's new marketing direction – „a colourful and bright world of HDTV“.

What were the goals set for a new website?

Modern, bright and memorable design;
Better user experience;
Easier navigation, especially when in comes to selecting services;
Longer visit duration and higher conversion rates for service subscribtions;
Easier service selection based on geographical location;
Integrating information about TV stations owned by Balticum.

How was ImpressPages CMS of value while pursuing these goals?

First, ImpressPages CMS was of tremendous help at structuring information the customer provided. There are dozens of services and different options offered by Balticum, yet ImpressPages CMS allowed us to put all this into a very intuitive and easily navigable order. We also made many integrations that have helped both us and eventual content managers at Balticum. For instance, we "taught" ImpressPages CMS to grab TV programmes and film trailers from other websites.

Then we wrote a payment plan selection module that allows Balticum's content managers to easily create new payment plan names, add new cities and pricing. It is very useful for promotional campaigns and deals that require updating the website fast. At the same time, visitors can select their own payment plans by choosing from internet, set-top box and other services in the website. All this is accompanied by a help desk. You can see this module in action here: http://www.balticum.lt/lt/m/internetas/sviesolaidinis-internetas/#city_1


Digital TV programmes module was created to allow visitors to easily choose the right channel combination and to compare different TV programme bundles. In this module, the user can check if his favourite languages are available for every bundle, as well as compare other variables. After a visitor chooses the bundle he desires, he is being transferred to the contract page. See how it works here: http://www.balticum.lt/lt/televizija/skaitmenine-tv/skaitmenine-kabeline-tv/


Why Balticum chose ImpressPages as their CMS?

Of course, they followed our recommendations and our belief that ImpressPages is truly user friendly, whilst still being able to handle large amounts of traffic. We assured Balticum that a very professional team is behind ImpressPages CMS. The customer was also considering Wordpress and other systems, yet eventually ImpressPages CMS was approved because of your team, achievements, investment you received last year and, last but not least, ImpressPages' ease of use.

So how Balticum likes using ImpressPages CMS?

Very little feedback so far:) But I see it as a very positive sign as they're having no problems and are running the website on their own, which is a web designer‘s dream. Yet we ocassionally call them to check if everything's fine and the answer is a pleasant "of course!".

To be more precise though, Balticum particularly liked ImpressPages‘ visual content management, easy navigation administration and easy module administration.

Thanks for your time!

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